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Landscaping Maintenance:
Lawns & Grounds

Maintaining a property's lawn, landscaping, & grounds can be a tedious & time-consuming endeavor; especially if the property is a large, robust affair with a sprawling array of organics, flora, & foliage. Hence our company proudly offering complete lawn/grounds maintenance coverage for local property owners in/around Whatcom County, WA. Our grounds & lawn maintenance services are catered to each property and its specific maintenance needs to afford a hail & healthy landscaping layout. As such, we highly encourage any & all homeowners & business owners alike to consider taking full advantage of our lawn & grounds maintenance.

Maintenance Options For Lawns & Grounds

  • ▹ Pruning
  • ▹ Weeding
  • ▹ Mowing
  • ▹ Clipping
  • ▹ Trimming
  • ▹ Winterization

Landscaping Construction:
Softscapes & Hardscapes

Be it a complete overhaul of an existing landscape with vibrant flora & foliage or literally designing a fresh landscaping layout from the ground up; our landscaping & construction services in Whatcom County, Washington are beyond reproach in terms of quality & consistency. With our years of landscaping & construction experience and intimate familiarity with the local plant life, we're able to map, design, construct, & install that promotes long-term sustainability & undeniable aesthetics. If you're interested in learning more about our landscape & construction coverage, please contact our experts at Mt. Baker Landscaping today!

Our Landscaping & Construction Coverage

  • ▹ Assessment
  • ▹ Mapping
  • ▹ Design
  • ▹ Construction
  • ▹ Installation
  • ▹ Upkeep

Irrigation & Spinklers:
Complete Coverage

Safeguarding your lawn, flowers, grass, shrubs, trees, & organic consumables against drought & saturation deficiencies is absolutely essential. One of the most proven ways to ensure consistent & reliable watering the softscaping aspect of a landscape layout is to implement an irrigation or sprinkler system. Not only do sprinkler & irrigation systems provide dependability in terms of time-managed watering cycles but it also provide a means to meter the overall water consumption the property experiences. In light of this, please get in touch with our irrigation & sprinkler system specialists for additional information or scheduling for landscaping/irrigation services.

Irrigation & Sprinkler System Services

  • ▹ Upgrades
  • ▹ Designs
  • ▹ Installations
  • ▹ Replacements
  • ▹ Inspections
  • ▹ Maintenance

Welcome to Mt. Baker Landscaping

Mt. Baker Landscaping has been proudly serving Bellingham, WA and surrounding areas for over 25 years. We specialize in custom hardscapes, lawn and grounds maintenance, new landscape and lawn installations, and irrigation & sprinkler systems. We understand how to get the job done the first time, this allows us to pass the savings down to our customers. Before we start a new project, we cover everything in writing, allowing you the peace of mind and security upfront.

We have built our company on honesty, reliability, and integrity. We also back every project with a warranty and only use the best materials and equipment ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Other Local Services We Offer


To best serve our fellow residents, we offer annual/seasonal snow removal services for both residential & commercial properties in Whatcom County, WA.


Be sure to contact Whatcom County, Washington's chosen landscaping company (Us, of course!) for your lawn thatching needs.


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Save your trees from the onslaught of the elements & pests in Whatcom County, Washington alike with our tree bark reclamation services.


Add appeal & protect your landscaping simultaneously by taking advantage of our tree/shrub pruning services in Whatcom County, WA.


Contact us here at Mt. Baker Landscaping in Whatcom County, Washington for any & all of your seasonal cleanup needs!


Leave the seasonal debris disposal for our Whatcom County, Washington professional landscapers at Mt. Bakers Landscaping!


If you're a local Whatcom County, Washington resident in need of drainage installation, feel free to contact our drainage specialists!


Protect your property, driveways, & vehicles alike by enlisting our local gravel driveway repairs in Whatcom County, Washington.


Much to our customer's continued delight, our dump truck services in Whatcom County, WA are without peer in terms of responsivenes & reliability.


Be it an abundant acreage or a paltry parcel; our local clients can always rest assured of our field mowing services in Whatcom County, Washington.


In the spirit of service versatility, we offer our unmatched landscaping coverage for both residential & commercial properties in Whatcom County, WA.