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Lawn & Grounds Maintenance Services in Custer, Washington

Installation | Repair | Replacement | Inspection

While often minimized or pushed to the back burner, the ongoing landscape maintenance of a commercial, community, or garden space in Custer, Washington is key – not only to guarantee its health and appearance but to protect what is ultimately an investment. As a local licensed, bonded, and insured commercial landscape company, we offer various landscape maintenance services ranging from weeding, shrub pruning, and removal, sprinkler repair, fertilizing, installations as well as complete tree and lawn care. With years of experience in Custer, Washington, we provide services on a weekly or monthly basis and take great pride in working with our customers in selecting innovative solutions to help them maximize the enjoyment and beauty of their outdoor space. Our company’s main goal is to enhance the appearance of your business or community in Custer, Washington. With us as your landscape company, you can rest assured that your business or community landscape in Custer, Washington is being well taken care of by professionals with years of experience in the landscape maintenance industry. From tree service to shrub planting and trimming, we work with you to develop the best, most eye pleasant, and affordable landscape plan. With our commercial landscaping maintenance services in Custer, Washington, you can feel confident that you did more than just hire a regular local landscaper. You have hired the leader in the industry. You have partnered with the best company with passionate professionals that will help you improve your business or community image. Regardless of whether you own a local restaurant, an apartment complex, or a commercial office, we offer the highest degree of professional landscape services to reflect your commitment to quality. A breathtaking and well-kept landscape is key to preserving value and projecting a professional image if you own commercial land.

Irrigation & Sprinkler System Services in Custer, Washington

Installation | Repair | Replacement | Inspection

We welcome the opportunity to show you the many services we provide such as irrigation and sprinkler maintenance, repair, and more as well as what we can do for your home or business landscape in Custer, Washington. Our attentive maintenance team works closely with you to ensure that work is always done on time, on budget, and up to (or exceeding) your standards. We pride ourselves on the high-performance standards and excellent communication skills that have consistently earned the respect of many customers in the Custer, Washington area. We provide unparalleled sprinkler and irrigation maintenance. If you are looking for a reputable residential or commercial landscape maintenance company in Custer, Washington, look no further! Because we know that projects vary in size, we work with homeowners and business owners to customize a maintenance service plan that fits. As experts in commercial landscape design, with hundreds of satisfied customers to back it up, we will help you identify and clarify the important factors, which make your landscape truly unique. Our landscape architects, designers, and horticulturists strive to make the design process stress-free and fun. We plant our clients’ desires and input firmly in the picture from design conception through the completion of the project. We only work with carefully selected trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals for use in our custom landscape projects. From general clean-up, trimming and pruning, and insect/disease treatment to mulching and sprinkler maintenance, our trained landscape professionals manage your Custer, Washington property to keep it looking sharp and healthy, maintaining its value and continue providing you with the function and aesthetic you paid for. With dedication, imagination, creativity, careful planning, consideration of your budget, and most importantly, client involvement, we know we can help you achieve the beautiful Custer, Washington landscape design you have dreamed of your entire life.


Custom Hardscape Services in Custer, Washington

Installation | Repair | Replacement | Inspection

Our landscape designers in Custer, Washington will help you design and build out the exterior of your home so that it transforms into the outdoor oasis you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you need to remodel your existing patio, or you’ve decided to install a customized patio in your Custer, Washington backyard, our team designs and builds them with the features and dimensions you want. We’ll work with you to figure out the size you need and the materials you desire. You can choose from flagstone, pavers, and various types of concrete to fit your aesthetic taste. We have in-depth expertise in all aspects of outdoor patio design and construction, including design flow, beauty, safety, and its impact on your home’s value. Our team in Custer, Washington offers all the services you need to make your vision a reality, including water features, patios, fireplaces, and a variety of shade structures. Investing in an outdoor living area, walkways, hardscape installations, or paver patios can add additional entertainment space and is a great way to improve your Custer, Washington home’s value. It’s important to hire professional landscape contractors for your outdoor living space, so you get an incredible backyard landscape design project on time and within budget with professional results. If you’re looking for a reputable, experienced backyard landscape design contractor in Custer, Washington to transform your ordinary yard into an extraordinary outdoor living space, give us a call. Mt. Baker Landscaping in Custer, Washington will create the oasis of your dreams with our custom services. We take care of everything, from installing refreshing water features to constructing the perfect patio. Mt. Baker Landscaping have the experience to help you create an amazing backyard living area. Contact us today to make your dream outdoor space a reality in Custer, Washington.

Landscape & Lawn Installation Services in Custer, Washington

Installation | Repair | Replacement | Inspection

People who care about their Custer, Washington property’s appearance, and curb appeal are wise to add features to enhance their outdoor living space. They have not only added equity by constructing an elegant space for entertaining and relaxing, but they have also substantially increased their living area. Mt. Baker Landscaping in Custer, Washington has the experience to help you create an amazing backyard living area. Invest in a space that will pay off whether you plan on enjoying it for years to come or decide to sell your home. Maintaining the exterior of your home and its structural integrity can also prevent more costly repairs in the long run. From gutter cleaning to siding repair and more, Mt. Baker Landscaping is the convenient, one-call solution to all of your exterior home projects, big and small. We can do landscaping, softscaping, patios, porches, outdoor lighting, foundations, and so much more. With Mt. Baker Landscaping in Custer, Washington, we can improve your landscape or all other services you need done. Decks and patios need to be fixed from time to time, our team can fix failing deck boards, railings, and damaged bricks, as well as other structural issues affecting the use, safety, or looks of your patio or deck. Give our team a call today to see what we can do and start planning out the process to bring the exterior of your property to life or repair a part of your property you need professionals for. Unless you’re living in an upscale community in Custer, Washington where you’re trying to keep up with the latest backyard landscape design projects, people drive by most homes in Custer, Washington, without even turning their heads. There are exceptions, of course, and homes for sale with beautiful outdoor living spaces tend to sell faster because of their great curb appeal.

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