Our Land Services in Ferndale, Washington:

✓ Debris Removal

✓ Brush Removal

✓ Bark Reclamation

✓ Land Clearing

✓ Tree/Shrub Pruning

✓ Seasonal Cleanup

✓ Gravel Driveways

Debris and Brush Removal Services in Ferndale, Washington

For all of your outdoor living space projects, including debris and brush removal, our landscapers at Mt. Baker Landscaping in Ferndale, Washington, offers professional landscaping services. Our landscape contractors in Ferndale, Washington have years of experience, are extremely knowledgeable, and develop imaginative plans that meet your requirements. For a high-quality finished product, projects like brush removal, tree removal, and outdoor kitchens are carried out with years of industry experience and keen attention to detail. All of our services in Ferndale, Washington are of the highest caliber, individually created, and completed with your property's aesthetic in mind. From debris removal to custom-designed fireplaces and water features, we can help you to enhance your backyard and other outdoor spaces with beautiful and functional landscaping options. Mt. Baker Landscaping in Ferndale, Washington offers a variety of services to homeowners including walkways, driveways, and hardscape installations. Our team in Ferndale, Washington will clear out large brush or clean out a large sum of debris in your yard, both of which are practical features that your family can enjoy. An outdoor kitchen in Ferndale, Washington allows you to entertain and cook delicious meals in a personalized environment that can include stone countertops, a refrigerator, an outdoor sink, and many other options. An outdoor kitchen might also increase your home’s resale value. Get year-round enjoyment out of your outdoor space with the relaxing trickle of a water feature and the warm glow of a fireplace or fire pit. We offer custom-designed cascading waterfalls, debris removal, and brush removal to add tranquility to your landscape design within Ferndale, Washington. Building an outdoor patio is convenient for you as we match the design and construction to your exact specifications. Give our team a call today for more information about our patio, and driveway landscape services.

Bark Reclamation Services in Ferndale, Washington

Installation | Repair | Replacement | Inspection

Mt. Baker Landscaping is familiar with the bark of the trees in Ferndale, Washington. In Ferndale, Washington, we offer a wide range of services, including bark reclamation, landscape designs, retaining walls, paver patios, walkways, steps, driveways, fire pits, outdoor living spaces, and much more. Our team of experts in Ferndale, Washington can handle all of your custom landscape designs, whether they are formal, tropical, or naturalistic. We can also use our professional design systems to make your landscape dreams a reality. We are a Ferndale, Washington-based full-service landscape bark reclamation company. Each of our clients receives individualized attention from our staff, who then creates a design that reflects both their individual sense of style and the kind of outdoor oasis you desire. We want to create an environment that's both beautiful and filled with harmonious elements so that each aspect of your outdoor space can complement one another in Ferndale, Washington. When we schedule your consultation, our team will begin by meeting with you on-site and evaluate your outdoor space and what you need for your bark reclamation service. We will discuss your needs, and in most cases, we can offer a unique service for the industry, an immediate reclamation process. Many times, we can design your entire plan on the spot and you won't have to wait for weeks before beginning your new landscape construction. Whether your request is simple or complex, our team in Ferndale, Washington can redesign your outdoor living to invigorate the vibe you want for your property. We will streamline your new landscape bark reclamation project and we together will reach your goal efficiently. Give our friendly team a call today or contact us online to see what we can do for your landscape.


Tree/Shrub Pruning Season Cleanup Services in Ferndale, Washington

Installation | Repair | Replacement | Inspection

Your home will become the outdoor haven you've been dreaming of after receiving pruning and cleanup assistance from our Ferndale, Washington landscape designers. Whether you want to install a custom patio in your Ferndale, Washington backyard or you need to prune your trees, our team creates and builds them with the features and measurements you specify. We'll collaborate with you to determine the size and materials you want. To suit your aesthetic preferences, you can pick from flagstone, pavers, and different varieties of concrete. We are highly skilled in every facet of outdoor patio design, tree pruning alongside construction, design flow, aesthetics, safety, and its effect on the value of your home. Our team in Ferndale, Washington offers all the services you need to make your vision a reality, including water features, patios, fireplaces, and a variety of shade structures. Investing in an outdoor living area, walkways, hardscape installations, or paver patios can add additional entertainment space and is a great way to improve your Ferndale, Washington home’s value. It’s important to hire professional landscape contractors for your outdoor living space, so you get an incredible backyard landscape design project on time and within budget with professional results. If you’re looking for a reputable, experienced backyard landscape design contractor in Ferndale, Washington to transform your ordinary yard into an extraordinary outdoor living space, give us a call. Mt. Baker Landscaping in Ferndale, Washington will create the oasis of your dreams with our custom services. We take care of everything, from installing refreshing water features to constructing the perfect patio. Mt. Baker Landscaping has the experience to help you create an amazing backyard living area. Contact us today to make your dream outdoor space a reality in Ferndale, Washington.

Gravel Driveway Services in Ferndale, Washington

Installation | Repair | Replacement | Inspection

People typically pass most homes in Ferndale, Washington without even glancing at them, unless they live in an upscale neighborhood where they have to keep up with the newest backyard landscaping initiatives. Of course, there are exceptions, and properties that have lovely outdoor living areas typically sell more quickly due to their excellent curb appeal. Those who are concerned about the appearance and curb appeal of their Ferndale, Washington property would be wise to add features to improve their outdoor living area. By building a sophisticated area for entertaining and unwinding, they have not only increased their equity but also significantly increased their living space. Mt. Baker Landscaping in Ferndale, Washington has the experience to help you create an amazing gravel driveway. Invest in a space that will pay off whether you plan on enjoying it for years to come or decide to sell your home. Maintaining the exterior of your home and its structural integrity can also prevent more costly repairs in the long run. From gutter cleaning to siding repair and more, Mt. Baker Landscaping is the convenient, one-call solution to all of your exterior home projects, big and small. We can do landscaping, softscaping, patios, porches, outdoor lighting, foundations, and so much more. With Mt. Baker Landscaping in Ferndale, Washington, we can improve your landscape or all other services you need done. Decks and patios need to be fixed from time to time, our team can fix failing deck boards, railings, and damaged bricks, as well as other structural issues affecting the use, safety, or looks of your patio or deck. Give our team a call today to see what we can do and start planning out the process to bring the exterior of your property to life or repair a part of your property you need professionals for.

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